Born into the Mexican carnival performer tradition, Oscar Garcia and his family have been traveling the U.S. with their family circus since 1981. The show, which promises "thrills, chills, and excitement," is a regular feature at county fairs and festivals around the country.  The Star Family Circus and Thrill Show was one of the premier attractions at the 2013 Iredell County Agricultural Fair in Troutman, North Carolina.
  Belgica Perez, 11, (left) practices with the hula hoop while Oscar Garcia, the owner of the circus, checks his email before the show. The circus travels in four RVs that they park in a circle to create a semi-private space behind the stage for practice and relaxing between shows.
  Romario Perez (left), 15, and his father Memo prepare to perform together on the Giant Space Wheel of Destiny. Memo, Romario, and Romario's sister Belgica (third from left), make up one of the two families that currently perform with the Star Family Circus.
  Romario balances on the Rola Bola while Belgica removes his step. The siblings were born into the circus, just like the rest of the performers, and it is the only life they've known.
  Memo receives applause from the crowd after walking outside the Giant Space Wheel of Destiny while blind-folded.
  The audience looks on as Memo and Romario perform on the Giant Space Wheel of Destiny.
  Liza Morales, step-daughter of circus owner Oscar Garcia, emerges onto the stage to perform her hula hoop act.
  Liza performs aerial ballet during the final show of the night while Oscar controls the rope from below.
  Liza and her mother Estrella, Oscar's second wife, chat after the final show while Oscar waits backstage.
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